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Raised by you is a VR game for HTC Vive on PC, where you feed and grow a monster. There are multiple activities the player can do with the monster, such as feeding, petting, playing fetch, and boxing. 

The game takes place in a closed off cave where the player must prepare their monster for the outside world. The cave is visually a mix of futuristic and primeval styles. The monster itself also features both of these aspects.

How to play

Movement: Teleport with a pad 

Neutral hand (nothing is pressed): petting

Trigger (pushed halfway): Pointing finger tells the monster to go to bed, uses a tablet

Trigger (pushed all the way): Grab objects/fist


Jaana Kauppila - Producer

Lauri Paavilainen - Designer

Jani Leinonen - Lead Programmer

 Henri Huhtala - Programmer

 Rami Suvanto - Lead Graphical Artist

Antti-Jussi Oravainen -Graphical Artist

Lauri Heikura - Graphical Artist


Raisedbyyou.7z 62 MB

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